Cockpit Annunciator

Cockpit Annunciators

The AL-2000 Cockpit Annunciator is a solid state device which provides the highest reliability and performance of any cockpit display available in the industry.

Developed as standard equipment for the Boeing 777, the AL-2000 eliminates the problems associated with incandescent annunciators while offering features and performance not available in conventional annunciator products.

The AL-2000 operates far cooler than incandescent annunciators and there are no bulbs to replace. The high reliability display is easily readable in bright sunlight yet it dims to a low level output for pilot comfort in a darkened cockpit. With a viewing angle of 140 degrees (inclusive), the AL-2000 can be mounted in a wide variety of panel locations and still be clearly visible to the cockpit crew. The “dead front ” display technology completely eliminates the possibility of a device appearing to be lit when expose to bright light.

Maintenance is simple. The display module can be removed and replaced by a technician or crew member in less than 30 seconds, without tools, thus eliminating costly and inconvenient delays. The AL-2000’s built-in redundancy allows safe aircraft operation while providing an indication of annunciator health.


  • Solid State Display
  • MTBF > 300,000
  • +/- 70 degrees Viewing Angle
  • Sunlight Readable
  • Dual Redundant Drive Circuits
  • Built-in Test Function
  • Simple Installation / Repair
  • Low Power / Heat Dissipation
  • Spill / Moisture Resistant Seal


  • Integrated Status, Caution, Warning System
  • Cockpit Upgrades
  • Avionics Upgrades
  • Simulators

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