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LED Reading, Dome, Wash and Accent Lighting


DPI Offers advanced LED lighting for the entire cabin. Individual seat, reading, dome, accent, wash, toe kick, and controlled beam width flight deck lighting solutions are available. Color balanced white, including fully adjustable color wash lighting for endless color variations providing unique lighting effects and mood variations cabin-wide, are available. NVIS white and Green variations also available.

There are many advantages to using LED technologies for aircraft lighting. Reduced power consumption, lower weight, increased efficiency and improved light quality are at the top of the list. Our recognized experience and expertise in LED lighting and aircraft allows us a unique advantage.

Today’s LEDs are inherently becoming more efficient than incandescent or halogen lamps. The luminous efficacy of typical incandescent lamps is about 14 to 20 lumens per watt, and halogen lamps are about 19 to 24 lumens per watt respectively, with white LEDs reaching 150 lumens per watt.

It is a combination of these factors that have pushed LEDs to become a natural choice for critical lighting applications and for better energy efficiency including superior maintenance characteristics. Not all LED implementations are created equal; there are vast differences in quality and performance of white LED’s themselves and fixture design types.

DPI Labs’ LED fixtures are purpose designed for each unique type application providing ie. wash, overhead, read- ing, area, mood and accent for optimal balance of performance, weight, size, reliability, and energy efficiency. DPI’s fixtures feature a mechanical design that is optimized for LED operation at given installation environments. Unlike most traditional lamps, ie. incandescent, halogen & fluorescent – LEDs are a directional light source and require a specific optical design. Fixture efficiency can be improved by two to three times over existing non LED lamp fixtures; which will result in further reduction in power consumption.

DPI’s LED fixtures can be fitted with dimming capability with a simple wiring change (adding a dimming control interface); dimming with no loss of color fidelity and no color temperature shift which may greatly enhance the con- venience and comfort of passengers. If needed, DPI’s LED fixtures can be configured to function as an emergency light as well; presenting an opportunity to eliminate some of the existing emergency lighting equipment.

DPI’s LED fixtures are produced in a color temperature preferred by customer requirements, and if desired, variable color temperature option can be offered for fluorescent replacement fixtures and most flood type incandescent light replacement units. High color quality rendition is a top design element to insure excellent passenger experience. If needed, emergency lighting system integration can be considered; DPI Labs has an expertise in emergency lighting system design, and can provide assistance in system design analysis.

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LED Reading, Dome, Wash and Accent Lighting