The SmartPack

Our Core Module

The SmartPack connects any DPI switch panel, touch screen and cabin control module to the SmartLink Cabin Management System. Integrated relays, pulse-width modulation, and discrete inputs can be used to control a wide variety of local functions for multiple devices without extra wiring. Due to it’s compact design, a SmartPack can be located very close to the loads it controls, keeping harness weight low and wire runs short and simplified.

The SmartPacks unique redundancy in design keeps all local functions online in the event of a buss failure. With firmware download capability both locally and across the globe, local switch panel controls and system architecture can be quickly reconfigured, making expansion even easier than before.

• 5-AMP Form-A and 30-AMP Form-A relays

• RTCA/DO-160E compliant design

• High Speed C-Can bus communications

• PWM Light Controller for continuous dimming of incandescent or LED lighting

• Discrete Inputs (low & high) and discrete outputs

• Hot-Spare programable via the Tech-In-A-Box

System Control Modules

Since 1986, DPI has created and developed a wide range of controllers, designed to handle virtually any situation. From OEM, black-box solutions to one-of-a-kind applications, DPI has a tremendous library of controllers that are ready to meet your requirements.

Specialized System Control Modules

Where specialized individual control of cabin functions is necessary or with earlier versions of the SmartLink Cabin Management System specific system control modules may be applied.

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